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Tips on choosing a ceiling fan 

outdoor fans



Some ceiling fans are made for only indoor application. Only ceiling fans that are damp or wet listed are suitable for outdoors.



Only strictly for indoors.



Damp listed for most covered outdoor applications like balconies, car porches and verandas.

Wet listed if fan is exposed to blowing rain.


Lower room temperature


Ceiling fans bring down the overall temperature in the room. It prevents the room from becoming stuffy. You can open your windows, have fresh air and still feel cool in our tropical weather. It goes hand in hand with air conditioner, saving electricity bills as the thermostat can be set a few degrees higher and still feel very comfortable. 




Ceiling fans are cost effective and pays back through long term usage. Using ceiling fans cut down your electricity bill as air conditioning is saved for really hot days.


Fan size


Ceiling fan blades range from a 24-inch to massive 84-inch blade spans. Most popular being the 52-inch blade span. For room size of 150 sqft – 300 sqft, a 52-inch ceiling fan is recommended. Covering most of the standard rooms, living and dining areas. For large rooms, two or more fans may be needed. If space is limited, you can also choose a fan with a slightly larger fan size and run it at a low speed.


Ceiling height


Optimum ceiling height for mounting of ceiling fan is about 2.4m to 3.0m. For a higher ceiling, a longer down-rod is needed to support the fan at the recommended height. The minimum distance between the blades and the ceiling should be about 0.25m. A greater distance will encourage even better airflow in the room.




Being the heart of the fan, this is the most important aspect of choosing a good ceiling fan. A good quality motor goes a long way for many years, staying quiet and without a wobble. A high CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating means a better air flow coverage.


Blade pitch


The length, velocity and angle of the blades determine how much air the fan can move. A blade pitch of between 12 to 18 degrees is the best. The greater the pitch the better it is as more air is moved. It takes a powerful motor to turn a fan with a steep pitch. This is why cheap fans often have shallow pitches and move little air.




Hunter has a range of ceiling fans to complement every residences. It adds style to the overall look. Hunter fans are very much sought after in the hospitality trade, installed in top hotels and resorts around the world. Choices range from classical to contemporary.


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